Dark Desires

Nine years ago, the prophecies were unearthed. You don’t believe that tripe, but you joined the Inquisition anyway. Motivations are your own. You may claim it was for money and power or even righteousness, but deep inside you know there is a certain dark sadism in you.

For the last 2 years you have travelled together with some questionable characters, unearthing underground suicide cults. There have been so many. It’s amusing, that once they’re shoved in the Needle Box, the need to live takes them over. But then it’s too late. Doesn’t take too much to persuade the idiots to give up everyone they know. Down to the barber and the fucking milk maid. Oh well, more fun for you.

Days slip by on this never-ending slaughter tour with your group. You trust only one with your life. You don’t much trust the others. 

Trust is hard-earned nowadays.

Character Creator



Pick a weapon and armour that suits you, if any.

You have 3 special items. Pick from the options, or make up something. Anything goes if it’s character building.


Choose the ability most important to you

Choose a special skill below.. or make one up yourself.


Select random numbers.
Higher is not always better… lower neither. Or middle.
It’s all bad. Fate is a bitch.